The Green Rock Story

The idea of ‘Green Rocks’ came from a fraternity brother of Carl’s, who lives in Colorado.  After Carl died, he was hiking in the mountains and came across a rock with an inspirational message about suicide awareness.  He wanted to spread the message in Carl’s memory, and painted rocks green with positive messages and #carlscause.  He left rocks on trails in the mountains when he hiked.   We loved the idea and decided to paint green rocks too and give them out at our events such as ‘Strike Out Stigma’, our annual golf tournament or to anyone who was going to be traveling.  As of today, we know that ‘Carl’s Cause Green Rocks’ have been placed on beaches from Maui to Mexico to Florida, in the mountains from California to Colorado to Arizona to North Carolina and from Ireland to Italy.

In September of 2020, after our golf tournament, a friend of ours from Minnesota, who played in the tournament, took a green rock back to MN and left it on a golf course there.

On Oct. 13th (which is Carl’s birthday), we received an email titled ‘You Saved My Life’.  Here are excerpts from her email to us ….

It’s a miracle story of how Carl’s Cause green rock from Kansas, was found by a woman from North Dakota, on a golf course in Minnesota … at just the right time!